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Order fractions


I have put the details of the task in a separate document. Please read this before watching the video

Once in a Lifetime


This week we are focussing on words with the /ʃ/ sound spelt ‘ch’ (mostly French in origin):

chef, chalet, machine, brochure, charade, crochet, parachute, champagne.

Today,use the link to spelling frame to choose a free task to help you learn the spelling rule and words.


Carrie's War, Chapter 9

  • How do Carrie and Nick prepare to leave?

• How has Mr Evans changed in the way he treats the children by this point in the story?

• What leaving gift does he give Carrie?

• Why does this later cause difficulties?

• What does Carrie do with the skull?

• What is going through her mind as she does it?

• How do Carrie’s feelings towards Mr Evans change in this episode? • Do you agree that he ‘wasn’t a bad man’ by the end? Give some reasons for your answer. Written

Topic, The Stone Age

The resource below has some lovely craft ideas for you to create some Stone Age artefacts. See what you are able to find at home or on walks in the countryside and create some of these artworks.  


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