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Right angles in shapes

Carrie's War - Chapter 10

Listen to the final chapter of Carrie's War and then answer these questions:

  • How do Carrie and Nick feel as they get on the train?
  • • What does Carrie see from the train window?
  • • Why does she say ‘it’s all my fault’?
  • • Who finds out Hepzibah and Mr Johnny are still alive?
  • • Why did Albert and Carrie not stay in touch after Carrie left?
  • • Has Mr Johnny changed since the War? Has Hepzibah changed? Explain your answers with reference to details from the story.

Topic Task Grid For The Stone Age

I have created a grid of creative ideas for our topic. There are Art, History, Science and DT tasks, there are enough tasks for the next two weeks. So, you could choose a task a day or a couple of tasks over a week. Remember though, to take your time and care over the task you choose. Your aiming to produce work that  you can be really proud of. 
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