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Today we are going to remind ourselves about lots of grammar knowledge that we have learnt in Y2.


Activity One – Work through the questions on the sheet. Are there any terms that you need to remind yourself of?


Activity Two – Can you correct these sentences by putting full stops and capital letters in the right place?


Today we are going to continue looking at how we tell the time on an analogue clock.

Let’s Dance – from the Royal Opera House

This is a plan amended from the Royal Opera House website. They have a lot of exciting plans for children to explore opera/theatre/ballet from home with new activities every week. For more ideas/plans to explore at home -


  • Find a space in your home - no matter how big or small


Step One

Let’s take a step into the world of the Royal Opera House and learn how a dance is made. We are going to start with a subject you are an expert in… YOU!  

Watch this film featuring star of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, Karim Zeroual.

As you watch the video see if you can spot the answers to these questions:

What is the name of the big glass structure at the Royal Opera House?

What is a ‘motif‘?

What words would you use to describe the two pieces of music you hear? Which was your favourite piece of music? 


Step Two

Now you need to get yourselves warmed up and ready for the fun ahead.

Close your eyes (no peeking!) and imagine what your name looks like when it's spelled out on a piece of paper. What shapes do the letters of your name make? Curves, lines, circles and loops?

Open your eyes and spell your name in the space in front of you with your finger, making the letters as big as possible!

Can you try to spell your name with your nose? How about writing your name with lots of different body parts, like your elbow or your big toe? Remember to make the movements as big as possible, and then try to make them as small as possible.

Now it's time to try out your name dance to some of your favourite music.


Step Three

Next, think about who you are (or you can use an imagined version of yourself if you'd prefer). Are you happy, lively, bouncy, quiet, calm, friendly, bold, sporty, shy?

Pick four words that describe ‘YOU’, or, alternatively, think of four things that you like to do. Create a movement for each of the words you have chosen, and see if you can link them together.

Think about what kind of music you would like your ‘me’ dance to be performed to? Would it be slow and soft, or fast and noisy?

Now practise your dance LOTS, ready for a performance!

Now find a grown up, sibling or friend in your house and get them to stop what they're doing and make themselves a cup of tea - they're going to be your audience! It's time to perform your unique 'me' dance. Can your audience guess what words you've picked to describe yourself? You could even film it so that you don’t forget it. You could even be brave enough to send it in!


Well done!

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