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Morning Chestnuts and Grownup Chestnuts!

Hope you are all safe and well!

Hopefully our Chestnut parents have received my email, which updates all of you with current and hopefully helpful information. Plus ,a big thank you from me for all the support you are given to our lovely Chestnut children and to us in School. It really means an awful lotl! It is so heartening to feel that sense of community spirit in these challenging times. 

Chestnuts, I am so impressed with all the work you have done this week. It is great seeing you all in our English lessons. A massive elbow bump for attending and being so chipper and hardworking in the live lessons! I look forward to seeing you today! 

I also love receiving your photos and images of work and I endeavour  to add them to the gallery as soon as I can. Check the gallery daily please to see what has been added. It is great to be able to share such great work with you all.    

Now, moving onto our learning... English this week  is very exiting! We are going to start a brand new book and learn some fantastic new writing skills!  I will introduce the new book tomorrow but I wanted to give you a bit of a cliff-hanger…. (and when you see the book tomorrow you will get my joke). I wanted to make you wait….. To build suspense and have you feeling a bit lost at sea.

Tomorrow you will learn what the book is, but for today I want us to focus our creative brains, to think about the weather and specifically about mist and fog. It will soon become clear I am sure….

N.B. Chestnut grownups do not fret(anyone got the joke?), the children will not need this book as the class will have access from tomorrow, any of resources needed for the learning. 

In maths, we continue with multiplication and division, with our focus on the number 3.

Our topic tasks over the week will vary. For the first part of the week you will focus on the Stone Age. I challenge you to step into the shoes (well bare feet really) of our creative and artistic Neolithic ancestors to create some cave art.  To learn about the homes they lived in and the food they ate and to create art and make and eat food like a hunter gatherer.  And no, NO! Defiantly not, since you ask, can you pretend the cat is a Woolly Mammoth and hunt it for lunch.     

The second part of the week we will focus on  our wellbeing and thinking about looking after ourselves and others. Plus we will get active with some PE on Friday.

You are also being asked to do some  handwriting practice, so I have included some handwriting tasks for you to do. Plus you will also continue with spellings: I am going to ask you to learn 10 words this week and you can change yourself in our lesson on Friday to see how well you have done (and included in the spellings documents are ways to do this).   Happy Learning!


Today we are going to generate vocabulary based around a sea mist or fog. In our live English lesson at 11.15 we are going to watch each video posted below  and together generate words that include feelings, thoughts and memories of a sea mist or fog.

We will watch each video together and doodle and write words of what we think about, or what we feel as we watch and listen. . Perhaps it evokes (bring backs memories) of experiencing a mist or fog? How did you feel? What did you think?  Perhaps you are able to imagine what you might think or feel If you were in that moment watching as the mist enveloped you,..... 

N.B.Chestnut classes grownups, I have shared a safe tube link, so that you are able to copy each video-link into a child friendly  format  before showing it.

Killer Fog 1952 | Movietone Moment | 4 Dec 15

On this day in 1952, killer fogs crept over London and the term "smog" was invented. Movietone balances the terrible weather in London with a look at the fun...

Spectacular Time Lapse Video of Sea Mist Creeping in Over Cape Cornwall

Spectacular Time Lapse Video of Sea Mist Creeping in Over Cape CornwallFilmed on 14th April 2015Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDi...

Sea mist on Fulking Escarpment

A really enigmatic moment on top of the South downs here in the South of England. As the Sea mist crawls through Brighton making it cold and windy, the other...

30 June 2013 Sea Mist Brighton

Another wonderfully hot and sunny day by the seaside.

Although not necessarily strictly part of our learning today, I thought it might be nice to share a lovely song that makes me think mindfully of travel, journeying and the sea. Perhaps doodle along as you listen..... 

Van Morrison Into The Mystic

Van Morrison's song "Into The Mystic" from his 1971 album Moondance, set to some hopefully pleasing images. I recommend full screen viewing. I do not own co...


Attached below are some key spellings and handwriting words to practice. You can choose to print the sheet or complete your practice in the handwriting book you have been given. Your task is to copy the words, remembering to use your lead in's and out's and to remember to fit your words in the lines on the page as the examples demonstrate. Take time and care please.

Please remember you need to take the same care with all your written work and produce handwriting of the same standard as you do when you practice handwriting.

I have included the left hand practice sheets, for those that like me (or Barack Obama) who are left handed.. .

Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3

This is "Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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