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Monday 23rd

Good morning!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. We only have two days of isolation left – can you believe it?

Thank you to everyone who emailed in their work. I have added more pictures to the class gallery so check it out if you haven’t yet.

I spent Friday learning how to use Teams, the platform we are going to use to have on-line lessons. There was quite a lot to learn and Mrs Cohen and I have worked very hard and think we are ready to give it a go. Yesterday evening, I emailed your parents a help sheet and at the end of last week your parents were emailed a user name and password for you. Follow my emailed instructions and join me at either 10am or 2 pm today.

For today’s lessons we have:


The White Rose maths looks at subtracting lengths today. So as well as using units of measure, you’ll be revisiting learning from previous weeks.  You will need to use the standard subtraction we learnt a couple of weeks ago – remember to start with the ‘ones’ column and to exchange when necessary!

I would like you to:

  • Watch the video, pausing it to think and ‘have a go’ where the teacher prompts.
  • Print the worksheet out and do the tasks where the video tells you to.
  • I’ve posted the answers so you can mark your worksheet when you have finished - just like we do in class. If you got something wrong, try and see where you made the error. Remember we learn a lot by understanding where we went wrong!

This activity can be kept at home and brought in when you return to school.


There is no set English today. If you are able to join me on-line I will be reading the next part of Varjak Paw.

Please continue to practise the spellings set last week – I will be testing you on Wednesday.


Today’s topic continues with the work on rivers.

I have given you links to the next two lessons in the Oak Academy’s Rivers block. A lot is covered and some of it may seem tricky so listen carefully. I have then linked the learning to the River Ouse. I found this very interesting – I hope you do too.

Follow the link on the sheet I’ve posted under ‘Topic’. Watch the video and have a go at the quiz.

  1. Chose two of the star words from either of the lessons and give me a written definition to explain them. You could then use an image or a diagram just like the teacher did.


Hopefully the technology will work for everybody today and we will all get to meet on-line.

See you later!

Mrs Head

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