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Maths: Subtracting 4-digit numbers (one exchange)

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Last week, we looked at subtracting 3-digit numbers and making exchanges. This week, we are looking at subtracting 4-digit numbers. Watch this video to find out more about subtracting 4-digit numbers and making 1 exchange.

You can find the Maths worksheet here:


Last week, we researched some facts about the grey wolf, the dangers they have been faced with, and what people can do to help them. These facts will help us to inform our persuasive article about saving the wolves this week. Here are some websites you could visit to find out some grey wolf facts...

DK Find Out

International Wolf Center

National Geographic

National Wildlife Federation


You could put your findings into a table like this. This could help you to structure your writing when you do it. Happy fact finding!

Key facts about the grey wolfDangers faced by the grey wolfHow to protect the grey wolf
  • Live and hunt in packs
  • Keep the ecosystem (food chains) healthy
  • Loss of habitats due to human construction work
  • Hunted by farmers to protect livestock
  • Learn more about them
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle



This week, we will be looking at the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. There are two YouTube videos to watch and a short presentation to look through.

Arcimboldo's Imaginative Portraits | Art with Mati and Dada

Mister Maker Discovers Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Food Art!

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