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Moving On Dance Moves

The PATINA organisers have sent the link to the 2021 Moving On dance moves, that have been put together by choreographer Ginny Farman. 


These can be learned at home by anyone who wants to, for Moving On day. It is entirely voluntary. The idea is that the children can perform the dance moves as they take part in the parade.


There are verbal instructions to follow, in the clip


You will need to copy and paste the link.


The music is "Beauty in the World " by Macy Gray.



Week beginning May 10th

Sum6.4.3 - Angles in a triangle

This is "Sum6.4.3 - Angles in a triangle" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Sum6.4.4 - Angles in a triangle - special cases

This is "Sum6.4.4 - Angles in a triangle - special cases" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Week beginning March 1st 2021


Happy St. David's Day! If you don't know who St David was and why today is special for some people, try and find out and let me know what you discover.


One week left to go before we are all back together in the classroom! I hope you are as excited as I am.


The work for the final week of home-learning is posted in the folders below. I have also posted this week's Flashback 4, the word-wheel and this week's well-being task which is about writing a letter to someone special to you. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy receiving a letter in the post, so maybe you could write it on nice paper, find their address and a stamp and then stick it in the post box. I guarantee it will make them smile.



Our Teams meetings this week are:

Monday - 11.30 am

Tuesday - 2.00 pm

Wednesday - 11.30 pm 

Thursday - 2.00 pm

Friday - 11.15 am

Have a look at Joseph's revised advert for the Sport section of our newspaper.

Week beginning February 22nd 2021


Welcome to Term 4.

I hope you have all had a fantastic Half Term. I had a thoroughly lovely week with lots of walks up Mount Caburn, enjoying the better weather.


Did any of you see the news about Perseverance, the NASA rover that landed on Mars last week? I was very excited to see the pictures that it was sending back. It was amazing to think that each picture took eleven minutes to reach us on Earth!


I have my fingers crossed that Boris is going to give us good news, this evening, and that we will all be back in the classroom very soon.


Our Teams meetings this week are:

Monday - 11.30 am

Tuesday - 2.00 pm

Wednesday - 2.00 pm 

Thursday - 2.00 pm

Friday - 11.15 am


I have posted, below, the new Flashback 4, the latest Word-wheel and this week's well-being task.

Week beginning February 8th 2021

I am really struggling to get my head around the fact that we are beginning Week 6 of home learning. I have said it so many times, but I will say it again; you have all been amazing and I am so very proud of how you have engaged with all of the work/tasks and how impressed I have been with the work that you keep sending my way. 


Our Teams meetings this week are:

Monday - 11.30 am

Tuesday - 2.00 pm

Wednesday - 2.00 pm (we are going to share Greek travel brochures so please let me know if you are willing to volunteer.)

Thursday - 2.00 pm

Friday - 11.15 am


Remember to find some time, each day for independent reading (keep those reviews coming please), Times Table Rock Stars or Top Marks and spelling carousel activities.


I have re-posted Flashback 4 and there is also this week's Word-wheel and your Well-being activity, for this week, which is all about staying connected to people in these tricky times.



Editors and sub-editors for the Oak Class Newspaper.

Apply, by email, to Mrs Kerrigan by Thursday February 4th at 3.30pm

Positions available:

Features editor

Stories editor

Sports editor

Puzzles/Activities Page editor

Reviews editor

Cookery editor

Art editor

News editor

Tell us which position you are interested in and why you think you would be the right candidate.

Welcome to February and Week 5 of learning at home.


I hope you have all had lovely weekends. We decided to ignore the rain, in our house, and continue our performances of favourite musicals! This week it was Grease that took the hit! 


Our Teams meetings this week are:

Monday - 11.30 am

Tuesday - 1.45 pm

Wednesday - 2.00 pm

Thursday - 1.45 pm

Friday - 11.15 am


I have posted the new Flashback 4 below. There is also the new Spelling Carousel activities and another well-being task. Hopefully, some of the ideas we are sharing will help you when things seem tough. We all have days when we feel down and the more we can share ideas and talk about how we are feeling, the better.


Don't forget to have a look at the new mini-topic.


Please keep sending your fabulous work and lovely photos. I do try to update the Gallery regularly so please keep checking back in. Also, remember to try out some of the books that have been reviewed and keep the reviews coming in.


Don't forget to read every day and keep going with Times Table Rock Stars and Top Marks.



Week beginning February 1st 2021
Week beginning January 25th 2021

Hello Oak Class. Here we are at the beginning of Week 4!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Mine was very relaxing. Maddie and Ben decided to get the Wii out for the first time in many years and we had a lot of fun playing ten-pin bowling! I am much better at the virtual game than I am in real life!

We also spent a lot of time singing songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; I think I need to apologize to my neighbours for what they had to put up with!


Our Teams meetings this week are:

Monday - 11.30am

Tuesday - 11.30am

Wednesday - 2.00pm

Thursday - 10.-00am

Friday - 11.15am


Thursday's meeting is at a much earlier time, this week, because William's mum has sent us information about a live 'lesson; being broadcast by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Cosmic) later in the morning, which I thought you might be interested in watching. I will post the details later in the week.


I have reposted the Flashback 4 PowerPoint for this week. We are up to Week 4, Day 1. I have also posted a new word-wheel and another well-being activity which Mrs. Peck has put together for you. I think it is a great idea and it would be nice to share some ideas on our Teams meeting, today

Week beginning January 18th 2021

Welcome to Week 3 of Lockdown!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. My goodness, it rained a lot on Saturday! I stayed indoors and watched lots of films, curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and Maddie's delicious lemon cake! It was so lovely to see the sunshine on Sunday and I went on a fabulous long walk.


This week, we have added a copy of the word-wheel for you to have a go at. There is also a feelings diary for you to record your thoughts during these very strange times. You don't have to write on the sheet, if you would prefer to write in a diary or notebook. Writing things down is often a good way of sorting out how you are feeling and getting thoughts out of your head. This is something that is for you. You don't need to send it in or share it with anybody. It can be as private as you want it to be.


I have also posted the new Flashback 4 set for you, below.


Our Teams meeting this week are:

Monday - 11.30 am

Tuesday - 1.40 pm

Wednesday - 11.30 am

Thursday - 1.40 pm

Friday - 11.15 am 

Week beginning January 11th 2021

Welcome to Week 2 of Lockdown.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for another week of Home-Learning. I am feeling virtuous because I managed to drag myself out for a run on Saturday morning - reluctantly, at first, I will admit! - and really enjoyed it. I just need to keep myself motivated now. Feel free to nag me! I was also thoroughly spoiled by Maddie who spent Saturday afternoon baking and Ben who decided to venture into the kitchen (!) and prove that he can actually cook!


Thank you for all of the work and photos you have been sending. I have posted the book reviews into our Book Club file so please take the time to have a look. It is really important that you find some time, each day, to read independently and if you are stuck for ideas, I always think that recommendations are helpful. Have a look at Stella's gorgeous puppy in the Gallery too.


You also need to keep practicing and improving your basic number skills, so when you spare moments in your day, dip into Times Tables Rock Stars or Top Marks.


have reposted Flashback 4. Remember that you should be completing one each day (we are on Day 6 today) and keeping a note of any White Rose mistakes that you spot. I have also posted the Reasoning and Problem Solving questions for this unit about Decimals. Dip into these if you find yourself with spare time at the end of your Maths lesson. English each day. Remember that you should be spending about an hour each on Maths and English each day.


I have added a Spelling Carousel folder next to the daily folders. Try and spend fifteen minutes each day on the spelling activities, just like we would in the classroom.


Please keep going with the mini-topic. I am so looking forward to seeing your games of Monopoly.


This week's Teams meetings will be:

Monday - 10.15 am

Tuesday - 2.00 pm

Wednesday - 11.30 am

Thursday - 2.00 pm

Friday - 11.15 am

Hello Oak Class and a Happy New Year to each and every one of you.


First of all, THANK YOU so much for the fabulous gifts and lovely words that you gave us before Christmas. We were thoroughly spoiled and overwhelmed.


Here we are again, sadly. This really wasn’t how we wanted to be greeting you at the start of 2021 but you were so amazing at online learning, last time around, that we are sure that you will make us just as proud this time.


To start with, as before, we will post each day’s work on here. Please email us with any questions. It would also be lovely to hear about your Christmas and New Year fun and maybe see some pictures. As before, let us know if you are happy for things to be posted in the gallery for all of Oak Class to see.


We will be introducing an additional way of communicating with you, over the next few days. It is called Teams and you will receive a username and log-in details either today or tomorrow. You will also be sent some instructions. This is new to us, too, so we will learn how to use it together. There may be some experimenting with it and lots of learning through our mistakes! (You KNOW how much we value mistakes!) Keep an eye, on here, for details of practice meetings that we will invite you to. We are hoping to try and have a practice this afternoon at 2.00 so if you have your log-in, maybe you could see if you can join us.


Just like last time, each day I will include the answers to the maths, for you to self-mark. You don’t need to send your maths work in but please contact us if you are having any trouble. Any work that we ask you to send to us, please email or send photos to


Don't forget that you can log into Times Tables Rock Stars and improve your speed, ready for Shoot-Out when we return to school. I would also love to hear what books you are reading and which ones you recommend trying.


Fingers tightly crossed that this will be a very short period of home-learning because we are already missing your lovely smiley faces back in Oak Class (Mrs Peck told me to say that because she is already fed up of looking at mine!)


Take care of yourselves (and the rest of your family!), stay safe, be good and keep in touch.


Love from,

Mrs Kerrigan and Mrs Peck

Week beginning January 4th 2021
Here are the Flashback 4 tasks for this week and next. Try and tackle one slide each day. The answers follow each one. (Remember to keep count of the number of mistakes, just like we do in class!)
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