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PE and Sport Premium

All primary schools receive additional sports funding to develop sport and PE.  Iford and Kingston CE Primary School received £17, 685 for the year 2017/18 and will receive the same amount again in 2018/2019.

How did we spend the Sports Grant in 2017/2018

The budget for the financial year 2016/17 was as follows.

Specialist PE teaching                                            £ 12, 291.00

Lewes Schools PE                                                  £   1, 300.00

PE Equipment

(including outdoor

education equipment)                                              £  1, 345.00

Playground equipment                                            £       690.00

Staff CPD                                                                £       250.00

Bollywood Dance Day (Diwali)                                £       559.00

Breakfast club subsidy                                            £   1, 250.00

                                                                                £ 17, 685.00


The specialist PE teacher benefits the school in two main ways.  Each class is taught by a PE specialist during the year.  Additionally, the class teachers work alongside the PE specialist to develop their skills and expertise so that the quality of future teaching and learning is enhanced.  The school also develops a library of planning for PE lessons, produced by the PE specialist, which can be used in the future.  The opportunity to work alongside a PE specialist is particularly valuable for newly qualified teachers but benefits all members of the teaching and support staff.


Collectively, the Lewes primary schools buy time from one of the Priory School PE staff who gives a day a week to organise tournaments and competitions which children take part in. Sports include football and netball leagues, as well as cross-country competitions and other opportunities for pupils to take part in organised activities.   We are currently the boys' cross-country champions for the Lewes District, as well as the holders of the District Sports cup for the Lewes District.  Training for teaching and support staff is also available and staff at Iford and Kingston CE Primary School have benefited from training in gymnastics and warm-up activities.


As a school we are very well resourced for PE equipment and are able to teach a wide range of sports with enough equipment for a class of pupils to be fully engaged during the lesson.   The Sports Grant is used to maintain this stock of equipment.


Sports Grant funding is also used to provide training for staff.  This year, two members of staff attended a two-day training course on swimming meaning that all staff who deliver teaching of swimming have been trained in a specific swimming qualification.


A small amount of sports funding is also used to maintain a stock of equipment for use at playtimes and lunchtimes, allowing children to practice skills and encouraging them to be active and engaged during playtimes and lunchtimes.


Extra-curricular provision at the school is also popular with a football clubs, a dance club, a yoga club and a netball club.  Additionally, there is a Forest School Club which operates twice a week and involves children being active and outside in all weather.


Around 40% of children are involved in clubs outside of school hours and many of these have been directed to out of school hours activity through involvement in PE or extra-curricular activities organised by the school.



In 2018/19 we intend to add to our pupils' experiences by buying in additional specialist teachers for curriculum PE lessons such as badminton. We also plan to maintain our links with local clubs such as the Southdown Club (who provide a squash coach for Y4 pupils and offer the opportunity for out of hours activity) and Lewes Rugby Club.   This provides a pathway to local clubs offering coaching to children who enjoy one of the specific opportunities provided.


A further link with Albion in the Community is being developed to provide football clubs for additional age groups and a breakfast club focusing on physical activity and extending the care opportunities available to parents.


More training for staff will take place with a TA taking an FA coaching certificate and teaching staff receiving further training from the Lewes Schools PE coach.  Other opportunities will include dance workshops for all pupils to be involved in. 


We will also be using some of the PE grant to provide an additional opportunity for each year group that allows them to experience a sport not normally offered as part of the school's PE provision.


The provisional budget for the financial year 2018/19 is as follows:


Specialist PE teaching                                            £ 12, 291.00

Lewes Schools PE                                                  £   1, 300.00

PE Equipment                                                    

(including outdoor

education equipment)                                             £   1, 650.00

CPD                                                                        £       650.00

Albion in the Community                                         £       300.00

Badminton England                                                £       300.00

                                                                                £ 17, 685.00






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