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Letter sound 'igh'


Today in my lesson we practised writing some words that had our new triagraph 'igh' in. We also had a practise spelling 'igh' with post it notes, making sure to get the letters the right way round. yes Could you do this activity at home? You could use the post it notes to practise spelling our tricky word 'you' too!


Below I have attached some pictures and words that have our new sound in. Can you spot the 'igh' in the words? Can you challenge yourself and write a sentence with one of those words in? Remember to orally say your sentence first, before writing it. Don't forget those finger spaces and the full stop! I will be really impressed if you remember a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence too! You will also find below the Alphablocks episode for 'igh' too, if you would like to watch this too. smiley

Scroll down further to find the tricky word song, and Phonics Play to help remind you of those Phase 2 sounds!

Can you remind yourself of the tricky words by singing our tricky word song? smiley

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Now you have had a sing song, can you remind yourself of the Phase 2 sounds we have learnt so far? We revised our Phase 3 sounds in my lesson today. How quick can you say all the sounds? laugh
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