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Letter sound 'oo'


Today was your last lesson with me at home! I am so excited to be able to teach Phonics to you in person next week. laugh You have all worked so so hard on your Phonics learning at home, and Mrs T and I have both been very proud of you all. Before you come back next week, we are reminding ourselves today of our new letter sound that we have been learning, 'oo.' Below is the Alphablocks episode for 'oo' if you would like to watch this too! What words did you spot in the episode that had the 'oo' sound in? In my lesson today we read some words that had 'oo' in, and then had a go at writing a sentence. Well done if you wrote the sentence with me too! 


Alongside the Alphablocks episode, I have also attached a video with a song all about 'oo.' The video has lots of words in there that features our new sound 'oo' - there were lots I hadn't thought of! smiley I have also attached some Phonics activity mats for you to look at or print off which will help you to remember the past few sounds we have been learning, as well as some 'tricky words' colouring. yes

oo Sound Song l Phonics

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