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Letter sound 'v'


Today we have been looking again at our new sound 'v' - can you practise writing our new sound 'v'? Remember to use your 'froggy legs' to hold your pencil correctly, and remember to start your letters from the top. In my Phonics lesson today we practised writing a sentence with a 'v' word in. Did you go away and have a go at writing the same sentence, but this time by yourself? smiley  For an extra challenge, can you go on a sound hunt on Bug Club today? Can you spot 'v' in any of the words as you are reading? Can you spot this week's tricky word too?

I have attached onto Maple Class webpage (under Term 3 - Home Learning) some Phase 2 and 3 'high frequency words.' You will also find the Phonics sound mats here too. Can you have a go at reading some of these high frequency words? It is good to practise reading these whenever you can. High frequency words are words that appear most commonly when you are reading and writing. You may be able to sound out some of these, but some of these we will need to learn by sight (which are our tricky words). 


This week's tricky word is

Across the week can you practise writing this tricky words in different ways? You could practise spelling 'be' with playdough, or into flour. You could use magnetic letters or your Lego bricks! You could use pipe cleaners or post it notes. Here are some pictures below to inspire you. Maybe you could pick one way for today and then a different way on another day.
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