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Letter sound 'w'


Today we have been looking again at our new sound 'w' - can you practise writing our new sound? Remember to use your 'froggy legs' to hold your pencil correctly and remember to start your letters at the top! In my lesson today we read some words that began with 'w' and then we had a go at reading some silly sentences! Did you spot the words in my silly sentences that began with 'w?' Did you have a go at writing the sentence with me in the lesson too? Well done if you gave that a go! smiley


As well as learning this new sound, we need to remember the other sounds we have learnt! Watch the video below to remind yourselves of the sounds we have learnt so far. Can you shout out the sounds as you see them on the screen?

Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds

This week we are also learning our new tricky word 'be.' We have practised spelling this new tricky word with pipe cleaners. What have you been using to practise writing our new tricky word today? Look below to see ours smiley
If you liked reading the silly sentences in the Phonics lesson, I have included some more for you to read below! What do you think the correct answers are, yes or no? laugh Can you spot the 'w' sound in any of the words?
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