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Letter sound 'y'


Today we have been looking again at our new sound 'y.' In my lesson today I asked you to write some words that began with 'y' with me (well done for helping me to write those words!) I also asked you to write a sentence about something that began with 'y' or to write a sentence that featured one of the words that you helped me to sound out in my lesson. Did you give that a good go? smiley Well done Maple Class! Scroll down to have a look at this week's new tricky word and another Phonics activity if you wish to do more (you have worked so hard already, well done!) You will also find below a song to help you to remember the sounds we have learnt so far. You may remember this song from when we used to sing it at school yes

Phonics Song

Below is a buzzy bee! Who has flown to us with a new tricky word to learn. This week our tricky word is 'me.' It is very similar to the tricky word 'be' that we looked at last week. What do you notice about the two tricky words? They both end in 'e' but it has a different sound at the beginning! What sound is at the beginning of our new tricky word? Have you noticed that the tricky words 'he' 'she' 'we' be' and 'me' all rhyme!
Alongside practising our new tricky word 'me' in different ways, can you practise writing our new sound 'y' in different ways too? (If mum's and dad's are happy for you to) maybe you could write the letter shape and our new tricky word into shaving foam? Or you could chalk it outside with some chalks. Maybe you could collect pebbles and make the letter shape and spell our new tricky word with those? Maybe you could paint them onto foil? Today after watching and taking part in my lesson, can you practise writing our new sound and our new tricky word in different ways? You could do this activity across the week. You could also practise the other sounds we have learnt too laughyes
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