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Today in my lesson we read some of those 'high frequency words.' Well done for reading those with me! We also played 'guess what's in my basket.' Did you blend those words together after Miss Baulcomb had sounded them out? Did you get them right? Well done Maple Class! smiley Below is a game you could play with those 'high frequency words' if you would like to. You will need post it notes or if you don't have those you could also use pieces of paper with the sounds written on instead. Before you look at the game, have a look at the video below to help you remember those sounds we have learnt so far. Can you shout out the sounds as you see them on each car?

Phase 2 Sounds

Missing sounds game

Using the words from the 'high frequency words' list, can you create the game that is above. Ask mums/dads/ or an older brother or sister to write some of those words, with one of the letters missing. Then on seperate pieces of paper, or on post it notes can you again ask them to write the missing letters from those words onto them? Mix them up and see if you can match the correct sounds on the post it notes to the correct word. 
How are you getting on with our tricky words? We have been practising to spell this week's tricky word with magnetic letters! smiley
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