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Letter sound 'zz'

Today we are looking at another new sound 'zz.' However this sound isn't completely new as we looked at 'z' last week! It just looks a little bit different - it has two of the same letter. Two letters together that make one sound is called a 'diagraph.' After today we are going to be moving onto diagraphs, so you will learn lots and lots of them! Below is a video to help you to revise the sounds we have learnt in Phase 2. In my lesson today we reminded ourselves of the sounds we have learnt whilst we have been at home. Did you remember them all? laugh You will also find below the tricky word song to sing along to! Scroll down a little more to see our new tricky word of the week.


In my lesson today we also had Mr Monster and Geraldine playing a game with Miss Baulcomb, sorting out the real words and the silly 'monster' words! Well done for helping to sort them out with Miss Baulcomb! yes If you scroll down below you will find these words that I had in my lesson if you would like to play this game at home, as well as some more activities for 'zz' that you can choose from, (please don't feel you have to complete all of them). smiley 


One activity is 'Find and Write.' Can you find the words that feature 'zz' in? Can you write them? On the sheet their are different sheets to choose from. You could write them on the line if you feel confident with that, you could write the letters in the boxes or you could use the sheets with letters on that will help to give you some clues! You choose what is best for you! You will also find below a Phonics board game that you could play. If you don't have a printer, maybe you could draw your own board game and write the words on yourself?

Phase 2 Letter Sounds

Our new tricky word..

This week our new tricky word is 'was.' How can you practise spelling this word this week? If you have magnetic letters, maybe you could practise with magnetic letters? Or could you write it in sand, or in mud? Or maybe (if your mummy's and daddy's don't mind of course!) maybe you could write it into shaving foam? Let's not let this tricky word trick us and practise it in different ways across the week. Below is a 'tricky word' video for you to watch - can you shout out the tricky words as you see them? Some of them we haven't learnt just yet, so don't worry if you don't know them all! yes

Tricky Words Phases 2+3

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