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Letter sound 'qu'


Today we are learning a new sound, 'qu.' This new sound is known as a diagraph as it is two letters together that make one sound. Click on the video below to have a sing of the song, before scrolling down a little further to see Geraldine the Giraffe going around her home! Can you find anything around your home that begins with 'qu?' 


Today I would like you to practise writing 'qu' at home, alongside our new tricky word 'was.' Remember you can do this in lots of different ways! 'qu' is a bit trickier sound as you have two letters to practise instead of one! Can you then go around your home or look for pictures of things that begin with 'qu.'? You will also find the 'qu' workbook to do below too and if you scroll down even further you will find a song to help you with learning tricky word 'was.' smiley

Jolly Phonics - /qu/ Sound - Short Song 🎵

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /qu/ sound

Tricky word 'was'

How can you practise spelling our tricky word 'was' today? Is it outside with pebbles, or with your paintbrushes and paint? Below is a song for you to sing, all about our new tricky word 'was.' Can you sing along at home?

'Was' song

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