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Letter sound 'qu'


We have been looking at our new sound 'qu.' Today in my lesson, we reminded ourselves of the sounds that we have learnt so far whilst we have been at home. However, we have learnt lots of other sounds too! To remind yourself of those sounds and our tricky words, click on the link below which will take you to a fun website called Phonics Play. They are offering free access to many of their games at this time. I would like you today to have a go at playing the two games below. You may need mum's and dad's (or older brother's and sister's) to help you set it up. When you access these games, click on 'Revise Phase 2' for the car game. If you are playing 'Tricky Trucks!' you can click on 'Revise Phase 2' or 'Phase 3' but bear in mind that we haven't learnt all of Phase 3 just yet! Or you can pick your own to revise from. yes I'm sure lots of you remember these games from when we have played them in school! laugh Remember you can log onto Phonics Play anytime and browse any of the games, log in details are:


Username: jan21

Password: home

Today in my lesson, we practised writing a sentence that featured a word that had 'qu' in. The word I had chosen was 'quick.' I had used post it notes to help me write my sentence today and you can do the same at home, or you can write your sentence as normal onto paper or in your writing book. Can you write the sentence that I had written independently without peeking at Miss Baulcomb's sentence or can you write your own sentence, picking one of the pictures below to write a sentence about? Remember to use your phonics mats to help you to sound out the sounds in each of the words and blend them together. The sound mats are very handy for helping us with those tricky words too! yes 


Which picture are you going to choose to write your sentence about? smiley
Also below their is a story about a 'quick fox' for you to have a look at. Your task is to spot all of the words that feature 'qu' - how many did you find? laugh

Tricky word 'was'


I have also been working hard to remember the letters that spell our tricky word 'was.' I practised mine in flour, with Mrs Duck and Mrs Hedgehog! How have you been practising spelling 'was' this week?

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