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Letter sound 'ch'


Today we learnt another new sound 'ch.' In my lesson today we sorted out pictures that began with 'ch' and 'qu' before then writing some words. In my lesson I reminded you of the sounds you had learnt so far whilst learning at home, but it's important to remember our Phase 2 sounds too! Click on Phonics Play below to do the 'Flashcard Speed Trial' car game again and revise your Phase 2 sounds. How quick were you at saying the sounds today? laugh



Jolly Phonics 'ch'

Are you ready to watch Geraldine around her house? What can you find around your house that begins with 'ch?' Maybe you could write down the words of the things you have found too! Remember to use your phonic knowledge to help you to write the words. yes

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ch/ sound

Today we practised spelling tricky word 'was' with post it notes. We wrote the letters from the word onto seperate post it notes before then putting them in the right order - how have you practised spelling tricky word 'was' today?
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