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Letter sound 'ng.'


We are learning a brand new sound, 'ng.' Today in my lesson, we sorted out words that had the 'ng' sound in, from the words that didn't have the 'ng' sound in. Then we had a go at writing a sentence about a 'king.' Well done if you also had a go at writing this sentence too! For an extra challenge, can you write your own sentence about one of the things below? Remember your finger spaces, and your knowledge of Phonics to help you to sound out and write the words. smiley

I have also attached a 'read and race' Phonics board game below too - if you don't have a printer, maybe you could look at the one below and draw your own one onto a piece of paper, copying the words. The words on this board game feature all of the new diagraphs we have been learning so far in Phase 3. yes

Below is also the Alphablocks episode for 'ng,' if you would like to watch this too! laugh

We practised our new tricky word 'my' in the snow! How have you been practising our new tricky word? smiley
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