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Letter sound 'ai'


Today we are learning another new sound! Today's sound is another diagraph. Do you remember what the word 'diagraph' means? It means their are two letters together that make one sound (well done if you had remembered that!) yes


In my lesson today, we practised writing our new sound 'ai.' We also looked at tricky word 'my.' Did you like our Lego 'my's'? It was a very fun way of practising our new tricky word! smiley


In my lesson we revised the Phase 3 sounds that we had learnt so far, along with our tricky words. However we must always remember to revise our Phase 2 sounds too - we don't want them popping out of our heads! Below is a video for you to look at to revise these Phase 2 sounds. After that you can scroll down a little further to see our new Jolly Phonics song for 'ai,' alongside Geraldine the Giraffe's hunt around her house. Can you find anything around your house today that features the 'ai' sound? Can you write them down? The 'ai' workbook is also below for you to look at too! laugh

Phonics Phase 2 Sounds

Jolly Phonics 'ai' Song

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ai/

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