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If you do not have access to the book, please look in the general reading folder for activities.

Read Along With Mrs Lewis

Over the next few weeks, I am going to read ‘The Fire Maker’s Daughter’ by Phillip Pullman.


Task One

  • Read Chapter one.

Your child can read this chapter at their own pace as the week’s activities will be based on chapter one. Your child may be able to read this alone or may need support with reading the text, but either way is fine.


Monday - Vocabulary work

  • What sort of words are fizz and crackle?
  • What phrase on page 2 shows that the fireworks got harder to make?
  • What phrase on page 8 shows that the elephant is annoyed with Chulak?
  • What word on page 10 means being lazy?


If you do not have access to this book, please do not worry as I will be putting further support in the general reading folder.  

Chapter One - Tuesday's Task 

  • How do you know Lila really wants to be a firework maker?
  • Why might Lila be horrified at the thought of a husband?
  • Why do the two look at each other as if they were strangers?
  • Why was the elephant annoyed being written on?
  • What sort of things were written on the elephant?

Chapter Two - Wednesday's Task

Predicting Skills

  • Predict what the final secret of firework making it might be.
  • Predict what Lila will do when Chulak tells her about what the father said.


Explaining Skills

  • Why do you think of the author chooses to not tell you exactly where the story is set?

Chapter One - Thursday's Task

Today you will being using your skimming and scanning skills to look for information. Remember you do not need to re-read the whole text. Choose a key words from the question and look for that. When you find the key word, read the sentences around the word. 


  • What is the firework maker’s name?
  • What is his daughter’s name?
  • How many crackle dragons fit on a string?
  • What does Lila call her first firework?
  • Why was the white elephant a punishment?
  • What is the elephant’s servant’s name?
  • Who is Hamlet in love with?
  • What does Lalchan say is the final part of being a firework maker?



Chapter One - Friday's Task

Today you are going to use your summarising skills. Remember summarising is to identify the main ideas in a text. 

  • Summarise your impressions of Lila in five words.


Extra Writing Challenge

You might like to write instructions on how to look after the white elephant.

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