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I will be reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown and if your child has a copy it would be great if they could read along with me. I will then set activities based around the book.

If your child does not have a copy, do not worry because there will be other reading based tasks in the general reading folder.

The big reading message from me is to keep on reading.


Monday - Task One

Read Chapter one and answer the questions below. Today has a vocabulary focus. 

  • What is politeness?
  • What word(s) do you think Mrs Lambchop would have preferred over ‘hey’?
  • What word shows that the bulletin board is big?
  • What word on Page 4 shows you that Stanley is fine?


Tuesday - Task Two

Re-read chapter one and answer the questions below. 

  • How do you think the Lambchops felt when they saw that the bulletin board had fallen on Stanley?
  • Why is Stanley flat?
  • Why will Stanley’s clothes need altering?


Wednesday - Task 3

  • At the end of Page 3, predict what has happened to Stanley.
  • At the end of the chapter, predict if Stanley will return to normal.
  • Do you feel sorry for Stanley? Why?


         Thursday 26th March

  •   Why does Mrs Lambchop decide to wake the boys up?


  • What is Stanley’s brother called?


  • How flat is Stanley?


  • What is the name of the doctor?


  • How thick is Stanley?


  • Summarise what happened in this chapter in less than 20 words.

 Friday 27th March   

Read, Chapter 2 and  answer the following questions.

  • What is a ‘grating’?
  • Mrs Lambchop replies ‘sharply’. What does this mean? Why does

        she reply in this way?

  • What does hasty mean?
  • Define ‘limber’.


Monday 30th March, Flat Stanley, Chapter 2

  • Why did Arthur bang his head when he tried to go under a door?
  • Why did Mrs Lambchop cry when her ring fell?
  • Why do you think Mrs Lambchop pretended not to notice the


  • What do the police mean by a cuckoo?
  • Why does Mrs Lambchop put a sandwich in the envelope? 



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The school will be closed to all pupils (with the exception of children of Key Workers, those with Social Workers and those with an EHCP) from Friday 20th March until further notice