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Monday 30th March, Flat Stanley, Chapter 2

  • Why did Arthur bang his head when he tried to go under a door?
  • Why did Mrs Lambchop cry when her ring fell?
  • Why do you think Mrs Lambchop pretended not to notice the


  • What do the police mean by a cuckoo?
  • Why does Mrs Lambchop put a sandwich in the envelope?

Tuesday 31st March

  • At the end of Page 8, predict how Stanley will help.
  • Explain why they sent Stanley in the mail. Do you think this was a
        good idea? Why?
  • When did Stanley start to enjoy being flat?

Wednesday 1st April

  • How did Stanley get the ring back?
  • Who does Stanley get a letter from?
  • How does Stanley get to California?
  • Summarise the character of Stanley in one word. Explain your

        choice of word.

Thursday 2nd April

Read Chapter three of Flat Stanley together.

Then have a go at answering the following questions:

  • What does ‘jostled’ mean?
  • Find a word on Page 20 that shows that Arthur is embarrassed.
  • Define ‘gracefully’.

Friday 3rd April

Continuing with Chapter 3

Don't let that reading go flat.

How does Stanley being flat make it easier to take him out?
Why does Arthur get mad?
Why does Arthur pile encyclopaedias on top of himself?
How do you know it was a good day to fly a kite?
Why is Stanley so cross?

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