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Friday's Task 

Chapter Two - Explaining and predicting skills



How does Philip Pullman make the jungle sound daunting?
How does Philip Pullman show you the boat might not be safe?



Remind yourself of the end of the chapter. Predict what Lila will do.


Apologies if i have caused any confusion by adding page numbers. I think I have a different copy to the majority of you! I will not use page number if the future laugh. I hope you are enjoying the book. 


Chapter Two - Vocabulary work


Before reading chapter two:

What is a ‘wretch’?
What does ‘apprehensively’ mean?


Now read chapter 2.. As last week, you can read on your own or with an adult.

Now answer: 

Find a word on Page 23 that means ‘fed up’.

What phrase on Page 15 means ‘lights itself’?


Chapter Two - Inference Skills

  • Why was Lila furious?
  • Why does Chulak think that Lila ought to talk to Lalchand first?
  • Why does Lila sign the note as ‘from your ex-daughter’?
  • How does Chulak react when he finds out Lila needs protection?
  • Why does Lila gasp?
  • Why does Lila laugh at the men trying to steal from her?


Chapter Two - Retrieval skills

  • What did Lila pack to impress Razvani?
  • Why can’t Lalchand run fast?
  • Why couldn’t Lalchand get through the crowd?
  • What does Lalchand say Lila will need?
  • Why does Lila start laughing?
  • Why does Lila need the boat?
  • What is the name of the taxi?

Thursday's Task

Chapter Two - Summarise

Summarise the conversation between Lalchand and Chulak, in just four lines of speech.

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