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VE Day, Carrie's War

VE Day May 8th, 1945

VE day celebrations will be happening across this Country and around the World over the weekend. This marks the end of War in Europe from 1939 to 1945.  This was the last World War and a huge, monumental milestone in history for Britain and the  World.  Millions of people died or were injured, lost loved ones and experienced  hardship during this war.  People fought to keep freedom and justice, which shaped the world we live in today.

To help you understand this I have added a video clip to our page about VE day.  I think this is an enjoyable, interesting and factual clip to watch. I have also included an audio version of the book Carrie's War. This is a book that I read when I was your age at School. I really enjoyed it both then and when I reread it recently. I hope you enjoy both.

Take time to ask your parents about WW2 and see perhaps if they have stories of family members who went through the War?

Maybe, they can tell you about your great grandparents or family relatives experiences of World war 2? 




Carrie's War

Carrie’s War was written in 1973 by Nina Bawden. It tells the story of a brother and sister, Carrie and Nick Willow, who are evacuated from their home during World War Two to a village in Wales.

You are most welcome to just enjoy listening to the story.  But on the site, there are some tasks that might add to your enjoyment of the book, so please feel free to have a go at them If you would like.   


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