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Spelling & Grammar


Please use activities from the spelling menu to practise these words.

Rule/sound: Words ending /ʒə/

  • measure
  • treasure
  • pleasure
  • enclosure
  • creature
  • furniture
  • picture
  • nature
  • adventure

Spelling Menu


Please use three different ways to practise the above words.


The below website offers online activities to revise these words.

Wednesday's Spelling Task

Thursday's Task

Please find somebody to read the dictation to you.

Remember to score your self points:


1 point for every words spelt correctly. 

1 point for each correct punctuation which included capital letters. 

1 bonus point for every spelling word that is correct. 



Friday's Task

Today's task will have a grammar focus. Please use the image in the document to write six expanded noun phrases. This is revision of learning we have completed in class. I have also attached a document to support generating noun phrases. 


Extra Challenge

Once you have written six noun phrases, can you turn the noun phrases into sentences?


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