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Spelling Ideas

Activities you could do to help support spellings include: 

  • Rainbow words (choose a different coloured pen for each letter).
  • Making words out of buttons.
  • Making words out of pipe cleaners.
  • Flowers and Petals -  Draw a flower and add petals for each sound. 
  • Go outside and chalk the words on the ground.
  • Write words in mud with sticks.
  • Word scramble - write all the sounds for a given spelling and unscramble them to create the word. 
  • Write the words in flour, rice, corn starch, chocolate powder......
  • Make the words out of pastry or playdough.  
  • Splat the word - write the words on paper, parent says the word and the child splat it with spatular.
  • Magnetic letter sort to create a spelling. 
  • Word bingo. 
  • Bubble writing, curly writing, graffiti writing, painting......
  • Draw a picture and hide spellings in it. Can someone in your family spot the sounds that make the word? 
  • Look, cover, write, check.
  • Write words forwards and backwards.
  • Pass the plate - It's like parcel, parcel but instead you write words on plates. When the music stops you read the word on your plate, turn the plate over and then write the word. Did you spell it correctly?    
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