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This week, we are going to revise some of the spelling patterns and words that you have covered in Key Stage 2. Instead of a spelling carousel, each day, I am going to read out four spelling sentences from the 2018 SATs paper (just like we have done in class before) during each Teams meeting.


I have posted the paper, below, but it is not essential for you to print it out. I will read out each sentence, with the missing word and you just need to write down the word each time. We will then mark them and look at the spelling rule that each word contains.

If you want to, you could write the words on scrap paper and then play the target practice game that we played in class - if you spelled the word correctly, you get to scrunch it up and try and get it into the bin from a distance. (Make sure you tidy up any misses!) Any that are incorrect can be kept and looked at to work out where you might have gone wrong.

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