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Our spellings this week will include some of the words will be using to write our instructions.


We will learn to spell time connective such as: first, next, then, after that and finally. Plus we will learn: put, bread, spread. 


Activities you could do to help you include: 

  •  rainbow words (choose a different coloured pen for each letter
  •  making words out of buttons
  • making words out of pipe cleaners
  •  draw a flower and on each petal write a letter of each word
  •  go outside and chalk the words on the ground
  •  write the words in flour
  •  make the words out of pastry 
  •  splat the word - write the words on paper, parent says the word and the child splat it with saptular
  • or any other way you would like to do to help you remembet them smiley 




Time connectives are words or phrases that tell the reader when something happens.  

The word 'put' is often misspelt 'poot' as children hear the 'oo' sound as in 'look'. 

The words 'bread and spread' are frequently misspelt 'bred and spred'.  

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