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Home Learning Wk7 22nd Feb

Our topic this term is 'Enchanted'. 

We will be going on a magical journey as we learn about fairy tales and traditional tales.

The first fairytale we will be learning about is Jack and the Beanstalk. 




One of our experience days this week will be planting magic beans. I will be providing all of the resources your child needs for this. If possible, could you please come to school and collect a planting bag (magic beans, pot, soil, stick for a label). All precautions will be taken whilst bagging the products to ensure they are quarantined and safe to go home. 


On Tuesday morningI will leave a box with a named bag of resources for your child just inside the door of the reception area. If you plan to collect one for your child then please collect by Wednesday as we plan to plant them on Thursday as part of our live lesson on Teams.


If your child is in school this week (e.g. key worker) then they won't need to collect a bag.


Alternatively, If you have beans at home that you can use then that is great.    


Teams Timetable 10:30 Group A & 11:30 Group B

  • Monday - Half term news, show and tell and spelling disco 
  • Tuesday - Jack and the beanstalk Super Starter
  • Wednesday - Quiz, spellings, bingo or phonics games + shape of instructions
  • Thursday -  Magic beans experience day.  
  • Friday -  Magic beans instruction writing. 

Our learning this week will include: 

  • counting in 5s 
  • counting in 2s
  • comparing length
  • comparing height
  • measuring length using non-standard measures
  • shape of instructions (features they have)
  • planing magic beans 
  • writing instructions to grow a beanstalk  
  • reviewing sounds covered in phonics so far
  • DT - we will be designing a new castle for the Giant 
  • DT - begin making a castle  



Each day I would like you to:

  • read on Bug Club 
  • go on Numbots 
  • practise your handwriting
  • choose 5 spellings you are not confident with and find different ways to learn them each day 
  • practise skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s (make a counting washing line to help you)
  • practise writing numbers above 50 (start and finish in the correct place) 


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