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STEM Week June 2018

We've had a wonderful start to our STEM Week 2018. Throughout the week of 25th June 2018, all of our pupils will be taking part in a wide variety of activities relating to STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) and involving people from industry, from the University of Sussex, from Herstmonceux Science Centre and several of our parents who work in STEM related fields.


On Monday 25th June we welcomed two staff from Ovesco, a local not-for -profit company which specialises in renewable energy.  Chris and Dave brought in a number of devices, all powered by renewable energy sources, and the children had the opportunity to generate their own pedal-powered electricity using bikes linked to a meter which measured the amount of electricity they produced.



Staff from the University of Sussex's Evolution, Behaviour and Environment Department meanwhile, led some workshops on the development of the brain and the role of different parts of the brain in our daily lives.  Pupils experimented with wearing patches to experience the effect on the cerebellum and with brain sensors to measure the amount of electrical energy being produced by the frontal lobes when concentrating deeply.  The challenge was to concentrate harder than your opponent and, by doing so, to move the dial on the sensor towards your opponent.
Staff from Herstmonceux Science Centre took pupils on a journey through the solar system, visiting Mars, the Sun and other planets.  The shrieks of delight were a good indication of the children's excitement as they flew through the solar system to reach the planets.  The sessions were packed full of information too.
On Tuesday we had another busy day with Rubber Band Cannons, Balancing Sculptures, Moving Toys which made use of off-centre cams, some programming, micro photography and exploring reversible and irreversible changes through cookery.  Once again, we're very grateful to the parents who volunteered their time and expertise to give the children some thoroughly enjoyable and informative experiences.
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