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Thurs 14th

Good morning Oak! 


Today should have been our last exam and then we would have celebrated! I suggested you find a way to celebrate at home … tell your parents I have said you should - to celebrate the end of the SATs we never got to sit!


I have spent the past few days filling in transition information ready for next year. You may not be in school but we are all still working to make sure your move to year 7 goes well. If you are going to Priory, I have a small task for you to do. Mr Ashworth, one of the Deputy Heads, and I have been chatting by email. There is a card he usually asks you to fill in, when he visits the school to meet you and which we realised would be missed this year. I suggested you could fill it in at home and email it back to me - I could then transfer the information onto the correct document. So, attached below is a PDF of the sheet. I haven't got a Word version I'm afraid so you'll need to download it, fill it in and then scan or photograph it and email it back to me. It would be good to have them by Saturday as I'd like to transfer the information and deliver everything to Priory next Monday. What to do is explained on the sheet but just recap: Think about how you good you are at writing. Then compare this to the subjects listed. So if you think you are a great writer you may think you are better at this than say, maths or PE. Or you may think that you are much better at maths or even just the same. Tick the box that feels right to you. There is no right or wrong - this is about how you feel - not what anybody else may think! This is not compulsory and it is your choice to fill it in. I just didn't want you miss the chance to have your say! 


Today's work is posted below. Have fun! 

Mrs Head





White Rose Divide fractions by integers

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