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Thurs 4th

Good Morning! 

A rather quick hello today as there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day currently! 

This is an area of maths that many of you will feel quite confident with.

The video takes a slightly different approach to the way I taught in class but it is basically just our grid method presented differently. I actually think I prefer the approach I taught as it presents the ‘working out’ steps more clearly. I have snipped a section of a board we used to remind you.

I did like the first part of the video - make sure you read the pupils responses to the teachers questions  – they made me smile!


You could use the grid method today if you would rather stick to the method I have taught when solving the activity sheet.

In English we will continue with our fact packs. For those of you returning next week, it would lovely to share them - could you bring them in? 

Hope you have a lovely day

Mrs Head

White Rose Percentages of amounts

Video Percentages of amounts to watch before doing the activity sheet

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