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So we have learnt lots of different techniques which we can use in poetry. We've learnt about similes, rhyme and alliteration. Today can you try and use some of these techniques to write your own poem? We are going to try and write an acrostic poem. This is when there is a word down the side of the page and you use each letter to start each line. Remember don't make the lines of your poem too long. 

I've included a template you can use and some examples of other children's work smiley


Today we are going to be using number lines to add numbers. Start by circling the original number, then jump up the number line to get to the answer. There is an example at the top of the page to help you laugh. Start with numbers up to 20, then move onto numbers up to 30 if you feel confident. 

I've also included a little 1 more, 1 less practice if you want to give it a go yes


Here are some Easter themed wordsearches laugh Be careful, they get trickier and trickier yes

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