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So we are going to try and use all of the learning we have done about instructions to write our own today!

I've included some sheets which have ideas for different things you could write instructions about. I thought the magic potion sounded great! Pick one and have a go smiley You might even do more than one if you want more practice.

Things to remember:

  • Set out your instructions one by one, use a new line for each instruction. 
  • Use you imperative verbs (bossy words)
  • Make sure they are short but clear

Once you have written your instructions maybe you could get someone in your house to try them out? Is there anything you need to change/add? 

I've also added a checklist so you can tick off the things that you have included yes


We are going to look at adding and taking away 10. It might help to put each number in a tens and units grid, then think carefully about which number would change. Would the number in the units column need to change? 

For example: 23+10= 











I've include three different levels, the first one is just focusing on adding 10. Then the next two are adding and subtracting 10.


Remember you've got the second column of your Minute Maths too. Can you beat your score from yesterday? 


Can you design a healthy lunchbox? Remember being healthy means eating a range of different foods, not only fruits and vegetables (although those are very important). I would love see what your lunchboxes look like laugh

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