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Today we are looking at subtraction with one exchange. Please read through the 'help sheet' to remind you of our learning. 


English - Writing 

I hope you are enjoying recording your experience of Life Under Lock-down. I was was listening to the radio this morning and  a woman from a museum was talking about how important it is to record this time of our lives. She was asking people to save items that have become important as these will be interesting to museums. 

Is there something that has become important to you more then it was before? 

Have you had an interesting 'first'? It's the first time I have tried to cut my dog's hair. Although I have had to give up, as I need my fingers to type! 


Today, please continue to write and edit your diary entry. We are only looking to publish one day. Some people may decided to start recording everyday as these are very interesting times.


I have attached a checklist, so you can check you have included the other features of a diary entry. 

English - Reading 

Chapter Three - Explaining Skills

Please chapter three to answer the below questions:

  • Explain how Philip Pullman showed that the pirates were actually not very scary.
  • What is the impact of visiting both Lila and Chulak’s stories in every chapter?
  • What is the effect of ending with a cliffhanger?

Spellings - Dictation

Please find somebody to read the dictation to you.

  • Remember you get a point for every word spelt correctly.
  • One point per piece of correct punctuation.
  • Bonus point each time you spell the focus words correctly.


This week we would have started a new topic all about living things and their habitats. This is one of my favourite topics. Over the next few weeks (?), I am going to add different activities that will help you to still enjoy this learning. 


Attached is an activity that I was emailed to me yesterday and I thought it looked fun. I'm going to carry it out in my house as I have not dusted for ages. 

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