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Today we are going to play four corners. We play this a lot at school! So today you need to make each corner of your room a character from the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. One corner will be Mr Grinling, another Mrs Grinling, another Hamish and the last one will be the seagulls. Look at the sentences in the 'Inferences' PDF - can you run to the corner of the room for the character you think that sentence was said by or is about? Why do you think that? (Parents I hope that makes sense, if not we play it all the time, for lots of different things, so hopefully the children can explain what to do smiley)


Inferences are things we know without actually being told them. When you are reading a story authors are very clever about telling you about a character without actually writing it down! For example, how they are feeling. Your task for today is to write speech bubbles for Mr Grinling, Mrs Grinling, Hamish and the seagulls (one speech bubble for each character) about how they might be feeling at the end of the story. So mine for Mr Grinling might say, "Thank goodness those pesky seagulls have gone away and I can enjoy my delicious lunch in peace". 


Today we are going to look at 3D shapes. To start with can you use the PowerPoint quiz to remind yourself of the names of some of the different 3D shapes. 

Then can you go on a 3D shape hunt around your house? Remember to write down where you saw each shape smiley


Also, I completely forgot to put up any Minute Maths sheets so far this week. I'm so sorry about that! Here is one for you to do over the next two days yes

Thank You Colouring

I'm sure lots of you have drawn/painted/created lovely rainbows and put them in your windows. When I was on my daily walk yesterday (which was a bit wet!) I noticed people have started to put thank you messages in their windows for the people who are still working. I thought it would be nice if we could do the same. I've included some pictures you could colour and put in the window, or maybe you can think of someone who's not on there and you can create your own? Is someone in your house still going to work? I'm sure they'd love to come home and see a bright colourful thank you message in the window. Have fun laugh

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