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Firstly, I am sorry about the mistake in the Fluency 5 answers. I really have no idea what I was thinking. 

The real answer is 31 divided by 8 = 3 r 7. Sorry for any confusion.


How are we feeling about short multiplication? Great, I hope! Today's tasks are further questions, so you can use this new skill. Please do refer to yesterday's steps if you get stuck. Also, please use a calculator to check your answers. If you are not quite there on an answer, please do look back at what you have done.




Spelling - dictation

Please find somebody to read the dictation to you.

Remember you get a point for:

  • Spelling any word correctly. 
  • One point for correct punctuation- each bit!
  • Bonus point for spelling the focus word correctly.

English - Reading 

Summarising Skill

This reading skills is there break down information into smaller pieces of information. 


  • Summarise Chulak’s emotions in his segment in three words. Do the same for Lila in her segment.

English - Writing

Today we are going to create a setting description of where our story starts. 

I have also attached a Power Point that will support you with writing noun phrases. The Power Point has a audio symbol and when you click on it a man will speak to you.



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