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Firstly, I am sorry about the mistake in the Fluency 5 answers. I really have no idea what I was thinking. 

The real answer is 31 divided by 8 = 3 r 7. Sorry for any confusion.


How are we feeling about short multiplication? Great, I hope! Today's tasks are further questions, so you can use this new skill. Please do refer to yesterday's steps if you get stuck. Also, please use a calculator to check your answers. If you are not quite there on an answer, please do look back at what you have done.




Spelling - dictation

Please find somebody to read the dictation to you.

Remember you get a point for:

  • Spelling any word correctly. 
  • One point for correct punctuation- each bit!
  • Bonus point for spelling the focus word correctly.

English - Reading 

Summarising Skill

This reading skills is there break down information into smaller pieces of information. 


  • Summarise Chulak’s emotions in his segment in three words. Do the same for Lila in her segment.

English - Writing

Today we are going to create a setting description of where our story starts. 

I have also attached a Power Point that will support you with writing noun phrases. The Power Point has a audio symbol and when you click on it a man will speak to you.



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The school will be closed to all pupils (with the exception of children of Key Workers, those with Social Workers and those with an EHCP) from Friday 20th March until further notice