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Today you are going to make a leaflet, poster, fact file or short information book about a  butterfly.

You can present you work however you wish.

I have included a few photos to give you ideas but feel free to draw/write it however you choose.


Ways to support with your work:

  • choose one of the butterflies you identified in Mondays' lesson 
  • think about where your butterfly lives
  • think about what it eats
  • think about what your butterfly looks like
  • add an interesting fact about you butterfly
  • use the comprehension task you did yesterday to help you add an interesting fact
  • google further information if you want too  



I have attached a simple template if you prefer to have something for your child to use.

Use the big box to draw a picture of the butterfly.

The 4 smaller boxes - Write a fact in each box or if that's not approriate for your child, draw a picture and add a key word.



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