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Your first task today is to watch the rest of the Lighthouse Keeper's Tea story (if you haven't already). 

Then I want you to complete this book review about the story. Remember to write in full sentences, using your capital letters and full stops. Try and join your handwriting if you can smileyyes


Today we are going to look at related facts. So using what you do know, to help you with what you don't know. Like before watch the video, have a go at the worksheet and no peeking at the answers until you are finished laugh

The first question talks about base 10, we sometimes call these Dienes blocks in class. Remember we can draw these now so we would draw a ten as a line and a one as a dot. I've included a picture to remind you yes

Related Facts

VE Day

Friday is VE day, this stands for Victory in Europe day. VE Day is a day to remember the end of the fighting in Europe in the Second World War. It is a day to remember the bravery of those who lived during the war. People often celebrate VE day with street parties. Although we probably won't be having street parties this year, you might be having a little party at home. Here's some bunting you can colour and put up smiley

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