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Good morning,

Tomorrow, I will not post any 'teaching activities', but please look at the School's arts and craft ideas. You could also carry on with the VE day activities if you like. 

Mrs Lewis


Let's look at division today! Help sheet and tasks below.

White Rose are publishing lessons and they have a video for what we are doing today.

I have still created a help sheet as a film clip might not be convenient for all.      You need to select this week and lesson 3.


If you are watching the clip, please watch up to 2.19 and then complete task one. You can then continue to watch and carry on with the tasks on the sheet.


Fluency 5

Question C is particularly tricky. I ‘ummed’ and ‘arghed’ whether to change it, but I thought we could do with a brain work out.

I used the inverse to solve it. What is the inverse of division? If it too tricky, please as always leave the question.

English - Reading

Summarising Skills


Sum up Lila’s time in the mountain, in thirty words or less.

English - Spelling

Move It laugh

Today, you could try and recreate our Move It activity.

Choose 6-8 words from the list below, ask somebody at home to help you and have a pencil and paper ready.

  • international           intercept
  • intergalactic           interpersonal
  • intertwine               interrupt
  • intervene                interject
  • antibiotic               antidote
  • antihistamine          antihero


Once you have chosen your words, your helper needs the list and you can not look at the words. Like at school, they will tell you the word and you will need to run a lap. This could be your garden or living room. After running the lap, write down the word. Repeat until you have written all the words. Now look through to see how you have done. 

English - Writing

Please now complete your story. Please pay careful attention to:

  • Joined handwriting
  • Capital letters at the start of the sentence
  • Capital letters for proper nouns
  • Punctuation at the end of a sentence (. ? ! )
  • Commas in a list
  • Apostrophes to show possession and contractions
  • with, their, there, want  -  please spell these words correctly

VE Day

I have attached a fun Morse Code activity for you.

  • What is Morse code? How does it link to WW2?


Please do check through the sheets as the alphabet is the last sheet. 

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