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We continue today with subtraction. The attached sheet challenges you to use column subtraction and exchanging across all the columns to successfully subtract one number from another. 



Your task today is to write a postcard to the School or friend in Tibet to thank them for your stay. Also to tell them a little of your return home.

I have attached a postcard template. You can write to them on.

  • Importantly, thank them for a lovely stay.
  • Tell them you arrived home safely. How pleased you were to see your family because you missed them.
  • Tell them what the favourite part of your trip was.
  • The most important point, you have arrived to a life in lockdown. Tell them what it is like to be back home in lockdown.
  • Finish by telling them what you are looking forward to when lockdown ends.

Now, if you have never written a postcard before, you will notice there is not much space to write. So you need to write very clearly.  You need to try and be as descriptive as possible in very few words. It’s a challenge! You may want to try a rough draft first before you publish your finished postcard.  


Poscard Template

Flat Stanley, Chapter 4 

We will be wrapping up Chapter 4 today, so have a chat with your helper about the questions below. Then in full sentences write answers to these questions.

  • Who lives above the Lambchops?
  • What is Mr Dart’s job?
  • Why couldn’t Stanley dress as a cowboy?
  • How had the thieves been getting in?
  • What are the names of the thieves?
  • The Challenge: Have a go at summarising this chapter in less than 30 words.

Grammar and Vocabulary, Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect tense is talking or writing about something that happened in the past. Or began in past and continued to the present. For example, Mr Gates has become sillier in the past hour. 

Do not worry If this seems confusing, I have attached a task with the Grammar Doctor to help you. Oh, and you'll need dice.Just find some dice open the attached download and help is on hand.

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