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Today we will be adding by counting on.  

Draw a number line to help you with this yes  



Children explore addition by counting on from a given number. They begin to understand that addition is commutative and that it is more efficient to start from the largest number. It is important that children see that they are not just adding two separate numbers or items, they are adding to what they already have.

Ensure children do not include the number they are starting with when counting on. For example: What is 4 more than 6? Your start counting on from 7 and say 7,8,9,10 - 4 more than 6 is 10.


Maths Talk

What number did you start with? Then what happened? Now what do I have?
What does each number represent?

How can I represent counting on using practical equipment?

How can I represent counting on using a bar model or a number line?


Year 1 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Add more and count on within 20 on

This is "Year 1 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Add more and count on within 20 on" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people...

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