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So today we are going to look at coordinating conjunctions. These are words which join two sentences, such as: and, or, but, so. You have to be careful though because they don't all work in all sentences! I've included a PowerPoint quiz you can use to practice and then a worksheet to have a go at. Remember your full stops and capital letters when writing your sentences. 


If you want to challenge yourself maybe you could draw a picture and write some sentences about it using coordinating conjunctions. Try to only use one conjunction in each sentence. 


You've done really well at adding 1s and adding 10s. Now we are going to put that all together and add two digit numbers smiley

Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet. The answers are there again, but remember no peeking until you're finished. Like before it talks about you using base 10. I know some of you have made your own out of paper and remember you can use things from around your house. Spaghetti could be 10s and small pieces of pasta could be 1s. 

Adding 2-digit numbers


Your challenge today is to try and draw something with your eyes closed. Start by drawing simple shapes and then move onto something a bit more complex. For example, can you draw your favourite fruit? Or your favourite animal? Can someone guess what you've drawn?

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