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Today you will start to write some of your instructions. 


We are going to do it a stage at a time so that you don't rush your work. 


We will write the title, the list of things you will need and first two instructions.


The first thing I want you to do is get your instructions story map and say your instructions out loud to someone in your family. Remember to include the adjectives you thought of yesterday and include 'and'.     


On you piece of paper write the title. 

For example: How to Make a Disgusting Sandwich. How to Make a Surprise Sandwich. 


Next write the things you will need.

Remember to include a bullet point which is a bit like a full stop for each thing you will need.  


You will need:  



After that write the first two instructions.  

1. First get.....

2. Next....... 



Help your child/ren with the format of writing instructions.

Things they need to remember:

  • a title
  • you will need: bread, butter, caterpillar....... and use bullet points for each ingredient
  • numbers for each instruction 
  • each instruction should start on a new line
  • use their story map and say the sentence verbally before writing 
  •  encourage use of phonics to sound out words as much as possible
  • include 'and'
  • use an adjective to describe the minibeast (Wednesdays lesson)    


Use lined paper if you have it to support writiting on the line.

There is a template if you prefer. 

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