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So you might be using today to write some more of your story and that is absolutely fine. If you did get your story done yesterday today could you try and edit your work? Remember it doesn't mean there was anything wrong with your first go, just that you can make it even better! In class we would normally use a purple editing pen, could you find a different coloured pen to use? 

Things to edit:

  • When you read your story does it all make sense? Is there anything extra you need to add?
  • Have you remembered all your capital letters and full stops?
  • Are there any spellings you want to check?
  • Can you add or improve any adjectives you used? 
  • Have you used the correct conjunction in the sentence?

This is a really important part of story writing and all authors do it. Try not to rush it or you might miss some things that need editing yes


Today we are going to look at arrays. We did lots of work on these before we left school. Remember when you are drawing your arrays make sure your dots are big enough for you to see, a pencil dot can easily get lost, a little cross works even better. As always, watch the video, have a go at the worksheet and no peeking at the answers until you're done smileyyes

Use arrays


Design something from the future. What new thing do you think people will be using thousands of years from now. Tell me all about it! What's it called? What does it do? Draw it or even build it! I'd love to see what you come up with laughyes

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