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Today you are going to start writing a character description about your ladybird. 


Your writing will be done over two days so please don't rush it.


Today you will write the first four sentences only.  


Your writing needs: 

  • a title - name your ladybird 
  • start you 1st sentence with your ladybirds name e.g Larry is unkind.
  •  the rest of your sentences will start with either he, him, she or her
  • you need to include the adjectives you wrote to describe the ladybird you drew
  • use'and' in your sentences
  • use capital letters and full stops
  • you must use your ladybird plan to help you with your writing  


I have done the first four sentences of my character description about my ladybird called Larry.

I used my plan to help me, as like you I had already chosen the adjectives I was going to use for each noun (the ladybird and his body parts).  


Read mine or get your parent to help you so that you can see the type of writing I expect.

Can you spot the adjectives? Have I used 'and'? Did I name my ladybird? Can you get a sense of my ladybirds character?  Have I spelt key spellings correctly? Tell your parent/s. 


Remember the spelling words you have been learning this week need to be spelt correctly. Trickier words, use your understanding of phonics to help you.  

I will add to my character description tomorrow so you can see how to develop you work smiley
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