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Imagine that you are sitting on one of the seats in 'Cafe Terrace at Night'. Write a description of what you can see, hear and smell. Try and write at least five sentences. 

Challenge: To use at least one adjective in each of your sentences. Try using adjectives before the noun, e.g. the brown dog.

Super Challenge: If you are using more than one adjective in a list can you put a comma between them, e.g. Summer is warm, sunny and bright. 


Today we are going to look at sharing. It talks about using cubes on the worksheet but remember you can use things from around your house instead. Pieces of pasta work well, so do small toys like cars smileyyes Remember no peeking at the answers until you're finished! 



Can you create your own 'Still life, with Apples and Oranges' using fruit in your house? Then you could take a picture of it, or draw or paint it? I would love to see what you have made smileyyes

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The school is now closed for the summer holidays. We open again for children on Monday 7th September. Information for families during the summer is in Key Information - Summer 2020.