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Thursday and Friday

First thing you will be doing today is looking at the different features of a postcard.  If you have a real postcard at home that you can look at that would be great but if you don't then have a look at the PowerPoint for more information.  



Today you will start to write a postcard about Katie's trip to London. Take your time and do it over the next 2 days  rather than rushing it.   


Your postcard needs to include

  • a name and an address. (why not add my name and the school address to your postcard)  
  • stamp (draw one)
  • start it with 'Dear' or 'To'
  • writing about Katie's day in London (use your plan from yesterday to help you)
  • from (Katie)
  • capital letters for proper nouns (the places Katie visited) 
  • a picture on the front of your postcard (do this once you have completed all your writing)  


Have a look at mine for ideas.


Once you have finished remember to edit your work and check that you have used capital letters for the places Katie visited.   

We've had 7 3 8 4 2 visitors