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First recap the poem so that you can remember the structure of it. 


Next I would like you to think about how you can change parts of the poem to create your own version. 


The only parts you will be changing are: 

  • queen
  • cherry pie
  • birds
  • watch the clouds
  • drink tea 


The rest of the poem would be kept the same. 

For example: 

I'd like to live in a tree house, 

High in the sky. 

I would be a princess there, 

Eating strawberry pie!


I'd like to live in a tree house, 

High in the sky. 

I would visit unicorns there, 

And look them in the eye! 


We are not going to do the writing part today. Instead, draw your ideas as this will help you to memorise your new version of the poem. 



1. Folder a piece of paper into 4. 

2. Write the numbers 1-4 in each box.


In box number 1 draw the tree house, who you will be (princess, knight, pirate, queen....) and the pie you eat (apple, chicken, cheese, blackBerry......)


Box 2 -  draw a tree house again plus the animal you meet (unicorn, dragon, hedgehog.....) and look in the eye. 


Box 3 - tree house and you (in character)  watching something go by (planes, kites, seagulls, butterflies....) 


Box 4 - tree house, you and drinking (milkshake, ice tea, lemonade, milk....), plus the person you are sharing it with. 


Once you have done your drawings label them. This will help you when you go to write your poem tomorrow. 


Finally, say your poem to someone in your family 😊. 


I have drawn the first 2 boxes of my poem to show you. I joined my writing too! 




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